Pharmaceutical crimes

What are pharmaceutical crimes?

The German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) prohibits, among other things, the placing on the market of

  • unsafe medicinal products (medicinal products shall be considered unsafe if, according to the current level of scientific knowledge, there is sufficient reason to suspect that, when used in accordance with their intended purpose, they have harmful effects which exceed the limits considered tolerable in the light of current medical knowledge)
  • falsified medicinal products or active ingredients
  • of medicinal products for the purpose of doping in sport

The only way to find out if a medicinal product is unsafe or falsified often is an analytical test. This is where InphA comes into play. Here you can find out more about our work in the area of falsified medicinal products.

Dopingmittel-Mengen-Verordnung (DmMV)

With regard to the use of medicinal products for doping purposes, the DmMV (Regulation regarding the amount of doping drugs), regulates, in accordance with § 6a Section 2a German Medicinal Products Act (AMG), the level above which the possession of specific doping drugs for doping in humans is prohibited.

Support of law enforcement agencies

InphA puts its laboratory equipment and specialist knowledge in the service of public prosecutors and police investigation authorities throughout Germany. Our specialised and highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment perform timely and accurate analytics which benefits and bolsters investigations.

Contact persons

Dr. Christian Langfermann and Dr. Frank Höper are available for all questions in the area of analyses regarding pharmaceutical crimes.

InphA’s experience

For some years, there has been an increase in the number of confiscated preparations that accelerate the increase of muscular mass (anabolic substances), mainly from recreational sportsmen. In recent times, tests carried out by InphA have shown that to some extent other substances are added or substances are present in amounts differing from the declaration on the packaging. In these cases, the deciding factor for the law enforcement agencies is how much of the respective prohibited substances are contained within the preparation, as this decides on criminal liability.

Pharmaceutical crimes

Exemplary test result

The figure shows the chromatogram of a sample of an anabolic preparation: Here, instead of the trenbolone acetate declared on the packaging (spiked for analytical purposes), nandrolon phenyl propionate was discovered, a completely different doping substance. Since the kind of substance has an impact on the criminal liability, this information together with the total amount of the confiscated substance is a crucial piece of information for the public prosecutor’s office.

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