Niche supplier as an official contract laboratory

InphA – an exotic species. When founded – then still the AMI-Nord GmbH – there was a certain suspicion: An Official Medicines Control Laboratory as a limited liability company, will that work? History shows: It does work and very well so! InphA has found its place within the framework of the German OMCLs without any problems and, through its successful work and extraordinary commitment, has made itself a name both at home and abroad.

And since 2013, the company – now under the name of InphA – has become even more exotic: it now offers its services to third parties as an official contract laboratory. While doing so, it has strictly preserved its independence from the pharmaceutical industry, in order to not endanger its core business, the testing of samples on behalf of the competent authorities.

These core services are provided to the InphA shareholders, the States of Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. The company is open for the participation of further states. In the future, however, being a shareholder in the company will not be a prerequisite for ordering tests at InphA. Orders can be made at any time and have any extent.

Quality assured

In addition to the close cooperation with other national OMCLs, the competent authorities, institutes and ministries, InphA is also active at a European level. As a member of the European OMCL network, it also contributes to ensuring consistent quality standards in the European OMCLs. National accreditation by the German accrediting body DAkkS is complemented by audits of the European OMCL network and the status as WHO-prequalified Quality Control Laboratory.